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General data

The module is used for defining and storing information about the company and its structure, defining the data used in the system and defining the supported events and their parameters.

Employee data

The module is used to keep records of employee data and to configure permissions and employee preferences depending on the system of employment and their use in the company.


The functionality of this module makes it possible to plan long-term absences on a calendar year basis and to keep an ongoing register of the planned and accounted absences, as well as ongoing control of the planned absences.

Technical service

Register of vehicles used in the company, containing a full set of operational data, necessary in the planning and settlement processes. Monitoring technical condition of the rolling stock, inspection and technical services dates.


The module is used to define network lines, trips, vehicle schedules/blocks and personel duties.

It can work in two modes:

  1. If the Organizer uses the cityLineDesigner Software, the Operator’s licenses allow work on the same database using optimization tools. The division of the functional scope of the system between the Organizer and the Operator is agreed at the implementation stage. The recommended solution improves the work of both organizations.
  2. If the Organizer has other timetable editing software, the timetables are imported from this system and the Organizer allows the Operator to rebuild schedules using optimization tools in order to better use the rolling stock and optimize the duties.


A module used to create crew rosters and vehicle rosters using mathematical optimization algorithms and ongoing verification of the correctness of work assignments.

Thanks to advanced planning tools, it allows quick and good preparation of the crew roster in basic, shift and sustainable working systems.


The module for daily management of employees and vehicles allows for efficient operation and optimal handling of transport tasks. It contains a series of views and tools enabling the dispatcher to make appropriate and quick decisions related to, for example, maintenance of replacements, breakdowns, operational events and quick editing of e-way bills.

The module uses the information gathered directly from the crew roster and the generated dispatcher’s data is the basis for the settlement of employees and vehicles in the “Verification” module.

Verification / Settlement

The module enables comprehensive settlement of employees’ working time, vehicle work, fuel and other consumables consumption. Implementation of all transport processes in the system allows for quick and complete settlement, and the use of a central database allows reporting data in any range and section.

Statistics / analytics

The functionality of this module is the basis for measuring (investigating) the results of the planning and execution processes and verifying the effects regarding the desired concept.

It is also an irreplaceable tool for the management decisions to improve making successful business decisions.

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