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Electronic waybill and trips schedule

Modern mobile technologies are here to support driver’s duties and improve their communication with the dispatcher. Driver does not receive a printed waybill, that needed strenuous manual population, any more. Instead, they receive a device that registers their work on its own and advices if it is conducted properly.

Solutions based upon Android OS tablets equipped with GPS and mobile data (GPRS, Edge, 3G) enable :

  • constant monitoring of vehicles position and duties performed
  • active and efficient communication between the drivers and the dispatcher
  • automated registering of vehicle’s trips and their verification against the plan

Mobile Technology - Model

Szybki wybór komunikatu z predefiniowanej listy

Monitoring and on-line communication:

  • Defining work status, that is defining the carriage process by custom statuses
  • Constant monitoring of vehicles locations and data export to TransERP servers
  • Communication between the drivers and the dispatcher
  • Predefined or manually entered messages
  • Optional confirmations of receiving important messages from the dispatcher
Stały podgląd harmonogramu pracy dla kierowcy

Real time information

  • Real time schedule view for each day. The drivers may check when and on which duties are they going to work, they can also check the details of the duty and particular trips. Drivers are also notified about each schedule change.
  • Full information on conducted work and constant monitoring. Every lead and lag is being signalled and the driver can leave explanatory notes for each trip or stop.
  • Changes to duty coverage and scope made by the dispatcher are instantly communicated through the devices. Drivers receive notifications and are forwarded to new duties. Waybills can be automatically verified upon the operational data.
Automatyczne informowanie kierowcy o opóźnieniach lub przyspieszeniach


  • Automated tracking of conducted work by the devices
  • Verification and automated notifications of discrepancies
  • Lead and lag notifications and optional explanatory notes
  • News

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