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TRANS ERP is a comprehensive, integrated IT system that supports all areas of operation of the City Transport Company.

It has been designed and made as a dedicated solution supporting the management of the City Transport Company.

The system has been created based on several years of experience in the area of operation of previous generations of the system and in cooperation with several dozen companies.

Areas of transport activity:

Full, integrated service in the fields of:

  • Data records and operation of rolling stock,
  • Automatic periodic planning,
  • Planning with process optimization and resource use,
  • Daily dispatch,
  • Mutual dispatcher- vehicle communication using the latest mobile technologies,
  • GPS monitoring,
  • Settlement of drivers’ working time, including the option of 3-month settlements,
  • Operation settlement of rolling stock and consumables,
  • Cost settlement of transport with clients,
  • Reporting.

TransERP – system open to innovations

Mobile TechnologyAutomatic sobriety test for driving personnelDATA CENTER

Business benefits

Increased efficiency through optimizing the transport process in the company.

Reducing the costs of work organization and transport services.

Legal security – the system verifies the correctness of employment in relation to
all current labor law provisions and other internal conditions in the organization.

Advanced analytics, data and indicators availability for management Board in any section and range in real time.

Increasing competitiveness on the labor market through access to modern work tools (mobile application, WEB BI).

“Trans” IT system is designed and carried out as dedicated solution supporting business administration of public transport companies. Our wide experience in creating and implementing Software, knowledge and the newest computer technology allowed us to prepare fully integrated Transport Management System.

Innovative solutions

  • Comprehensive functionality includes all areas of transport and carriage activity in the structure of organization
  • High level of data and processes integration – the structure of the system enables entering data in place of its creation or edition in company structure. Once entered data can be accessible is in real time for all users in all modules of program and in all divisions of company. During the process of implementation the Software may be integrated with other computer systems in the company.
  • Optimization module uses artificial intelligence. During the implementation process the system is taught all company requirements and needs. That provides in  everyday optimal long term plans and automatic suggesting of best advices.
  • Advancement of substantive provides support of decision-making processes, using mechanisms of data extraction and aggregation, optimization, forecasting, analyzing, diagnosing, choosing variants and the way of introducing data.
  • Technological advancement guarantees providing modern computer and communications technology, the type of architecture: client – server enables  multi station work in distributed network, registering events and activities in real time and the parallel handling of all types of operation using integral data.
  • Ergonomics offers a user-friendly graphical interface based on intuitive software services standards of Microsoft ™.
TRANS ERP is Windows 10 Compatible.

TRANS ERP is supported by DPK System Consulting on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise. is supported on the in-market supported Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) servicing branches only and will be supported for the lifetime of the app until 12/2025.

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    Computer Transportation Software is a comprehensive, integrated software designed for City Transportation Companies and others enterprises that use their own fleet of vehicles. This kind of solution is indispensable and necessary tool for effective and optimal management of company. Properly designed and implemented system in Transport Company permits easily manage transport operations (tasks)and the whole company regarding optimal use of stocks, working time, human resources and allows for maximum costs reductions. DPK System company have been operating in the field of transportation software since 1996. We have wide experience in both - designing and implementation through ongoing cooperation with numerous partners (references). Thanks to the knowledge, experience and development of computer technology DPK System constantly introduces new solutions that can be implemented as a single service or integrated into the transportation system, passenger carriage or Management of Urban Transport (eg. designing timetables).