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TachoAnalyser is a program used to analyse data from digital tachographs, driver cards and analogue tachographs (tacho discs, sheets).

Analysed data:

  • driving time,
  • rests
  • breaks and shifts the tacho charts
  • working time for drivers (other work)

Additional information from digital tachographs and driver cards:

  • visualization of the speed with which the vehicle is moving (the last 24h),
  • history of speeding,
  • fault information tachograph
  • information about trying to intervene in the tachograph,
  • tachograph specifications,
  • information about calibrations,
  • information on corporate interlocks,
  • data on inspections,
  • details of the driver card

Software features:

  • The records of drivers and vehicles employed drivers such report or report the use of vehicles.
  • Reports time and driver behavior. Automatic report “OVER” with the ability to print to clarify the driver exceeded occurring.
  • Adding and releasing drivers, adding and checking out vehicles, creating groups of drivers and vehicle groups.
  • Filtering by drivers such as the position of vehicles such as filtering by type of ownership. The ability to update the program and create the archive.
  • Using the program you can create: a statement the driver of the dimension of employment, certificate of employment of the driver.
  • The portability of files downloaded from driver cards and digital tachographs to a PC by any reader tacho available (recommended – TachoAnalizer COMBO) or previously downloaded and such dosłanych email.
  • Preview the downloaded files.
  • Reminder of the need to download files from the card (every 21 days) and from the tachograph (every 90 days).
  • Ability to create a report for the driver of the driving cycle, the program calculates the timeout or driving (report daily, weekly, etc., by. Criteria for the user) and reduce the rest, the ability to create a statement of the time in which the driver drove the vehicle is not used in calculating the driving time.
  • Information on free and print driver attestation of such leave, sick pay (561/2006), the certificate of days off (according to Law 26.04.2007), for example when the driver performs work outside the vehicle
  • Calendar of holidays and days off.
  • Summary (record) time by the Act.
  • Attached law including Regulation 561/2006, the Law on the driver’s working time, labor code.
  • Mileage of the vehicle.
  • Scan to 6 analogue tachograph charts with time.
  • Creating a report verifying or missing charts someday.
  • Data recovery program based on previously scanned using images TachoAnalyser charts.
  • The companies with the ability to download an FTP server images via network disks, and check whether the disc is not repeated.
  • In the absence of disc or file, the possibility of creating a program based on the data entered.
  • Selecting multiple languages.

The TachoAnalyser ® is a well-known tool in the European Union, a used by organizations such as: Inspection of Transport, Police, Customs Service.

Beyond the borders of Polish listed under the following names:
TachoAnalyser ®, TachoConsult, TachoControl, Szelpo TachoControl Systems.

TachoAnalyser is Windows 10 Compatible.

TachoAnalyser is supported by DPK System Consulting on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise. is supported on the in-market supported Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) servicing branches only and will be supported for the lifetime of the app until 12/2025.

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