Task Module is designed for defining tasks, services and daily operations of medical teams provided in process of planning and disposals. All components,  their groups and their connections are defined individually according to needs of individual company. With this solution, planning becomes much easier work and what is more important, there is smaller risk of making any mistakes.

Fully defined, grouped and described duties completely change work of dispatchers. Automated creating processes of medical teams at the stage of planning, complex system of suggestions and control of authorization during edition, causes that dispatcher can concentrate on proper performance of basic operations of dispatcher.

Creating tasks include theirs relation to contracts with the NHF. Using that data together with numbers of specific services of NHF simplifies and accelerate disposal and accounting of completed work. This design also eliminates the source of errors in accounting with National Health Fund often occurring in other solutions, forcing entering data about contracts and service codes  after completing order.
Basic functionalities:

  • Defining and editing tasks identifying  teams or work which is a component of periodic schedule,
  • Possibility of adaptation and control of all parameters of tasks according to law and company agreements,
  • Defining and editing groups of tasks,
  • Defining NHF teams codes regarding to the contract,
  • Defining NHF services codes regarding to the contract,
  • Defining and grouping absence, sickness and holidays according to law and company agreements,
  • Defining work patterns for transport orders,
  • Defining other work designed for planning, recording and working time accounting taking into account all types of work (dispatcher, business trip, etc.),
  • Possibility of graphical view and edition of tasks in each group,
  • Transfer of to other programs/systems in the company.
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    Computer Transportation Software is a comprehensive, integrated software designed for City Transportation Companies and others enterprises that use their own fleet of vehicles. This kind of solution is indispensable and necessary tool for effective and optimal management of company. Properly designed and implemented system in Transport Company permits easily manage transport operations (tasks)and the whole company regarding optimal use of stocks, working time, human resources and allows for maximum costs reductions. DPK System company have been operating in the field of transportation software since 1996. We have wide experience in both - designing and implementation through ongoing cooperation with numerous partners (references). Thanks to the knowledge, experience and development of computer technology DPK System constantly introduces new solutions that can be implemented as a single service or integrated into the transportation system, passenger carriage or Management of Urban Transport (eg. designing timetables).