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Modern planning module

OptiGraph is a module designed to make long-term work plans for medical teams. The plan can be used in any desired period. Program automatically checks and maintains all requirements according to the law.

OptiGraph - planning in three alternating sections (driver, duty, vehicle)

Basic functionalities:

  • Simultaneous work on several planners positions,
  • Creating many alternative work schedules  using different parameters,
  • Selection plan for approval and announcing  it to employees collectively and individually,
  • Creating plan for any defined period,
  • Maintaining continuity of plans and taking into account its conditions resulting from previous periods, the ability to configure preview of previous and following periods,
  • Designing any patterns of change, holidays and consequences of work
  • Designing many variants of schemes of work,
  • Automatic balancing parameters of working time for employees in defined period of time
  • Synchronization and updates of tasks after making changes in the Tasks module,
  • Preview  of realization in a planned period of time (implementation plan)
  • Plan and work review on the views of employees, vehicles and tasks
  • Graphical view of creating  tasks in the plan,
  • Automatic backup of approved plan as a plan for the planner to make changes in defined period,
  • Management of leave and other absences of employees regarding current absence in employees schedules,
  • Displaying suggestions and advises  to the system during manual correction of schedule
  • Automatic balancing transport tasks in each day when making changes,
  • Grouping, sorting and filtering employees and defining their place on the list,
  • Grouping, sorting and  filtering vehicles and defining their place on the list,
  • Configuration of  balances and plan view, scaling the view, configuration of data type displayed in the fields of schedule,
  • Opening and configuration of additional windows,  for example list of unassigned tasks, vehicles etc,.
  • The view of approved plan, with indication of changes made in accordance with plan,
  • Automatic assignment of vehicles to the schedule,
  • Configuration of mode of vehicle assignment and checking errors related to assigned vehicles,
  • Automatic correction and balancing the number of days off
  • Automatic correction and balancing time of work according to standards,
  • Instant automatic control of schedule compatibility with law and identifying errors and inconsistencies,
  • Configuration of controled parameters,
  • Edition of project tasks based on task patterns form from schedula,
  • Edition of once own tasks through the planner
  • Transferring  schedule to other programs (Dispatcher, Accounting) and other systems used in  enterprise.
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