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Summary and Accounting Operation of System

Module is used for verification, edition and completing  data of proceeded orders. Accounting consists of two parts:  interactive transfer of data about realized orders to National Health Fund and balance of working time of medical teams.

Comunication with National Health Found (NFZ)

  • Import of data from National Health Fund contracts , with detailed information about teams and services, update and full archive of data contracts,
  • Full possibility of editing data related to medical implementation with use of appropriate procedure vocabularies, health centers, etc.,
  • Automatic setting the status of orders for export to  National Health Fund specifying errors and missing information in accordance with the relevant regulation of NHF,
  • Generating export files compatible with the relevant regulation of National Health Fund,
  • Verification of orders compliance in accordance to data structure of NHF regulation,
  • Sending orders on the configured mail addresses of NHF,
  • Receiving NHF statements ,verification of errors in orders data,
  • Marking NHF statements for individual contracts,
  • Possibility of making any kind of statistical reports,
  • Possibility of verification and  correction of related to realizations of orders.



  • Arbitrary defined working time sheet regarding employee schedule, information about starting and finishing work, absence in different modules, calendar, etc.,
  • Possible to verify worksheet for selected criteria,
  • Automatic searching of data different from real data with a set value on daily or monthly basis, quick search of errors and their secondary verification,
  • Possibility of calculating bonuses,
  • Export to payroll system daily and  monthly data, schedule, absences and calendar,
  • Ability of manual edition of data in a worksheet,
  • Viewing and possibility of editing source data from a worksheet,
  • Approving data blocking recalculation of the worksheet according to the source data,
  • Printouts of configurable worksheets for employees and groups of employees.
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