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Service Depo Module supports management of technical services in the company. It supports scheduling and realization of machines and vehicles repair with  full accounting of mechanics work and materials usage with division for configurable costs.

Basic functionality

  • Operaing on cataloges of data of mechanics, brigades, equipment, vehicles, types of vehicles, spare parts,
  • Editing codes of types of repair orders and service work,
  • Catalogue of labor – automatic suggestions of repair time and repair difficulties
  • Catalogue of operating rates according to vehicle manufacturers with option of modification.
  • Edition of rates for towing, transport and additional activities related to the repair.
  • Automatic numbering of order with option of editing number format.
  • Dividing orders to external and internal with edition of labor rates and margins for parts.
  • Automatic determination of number of hours, rates of difficulties, external and internal costs with possibility of manual adjustment according to current data.
  • Automatic determination of ZW and RW cost.
  • Records of date, time, mechanics, bridge and shift performing repair with all information about the process of repair.
  • Edition of repetitive actions based on single action, eg. changing wheels.
  • Records of used parts (to be ordered, used, diverted, recycled or wasted).
  • Edition of orders for parts designed for stocks module
  • Edition and print-outs of documents related to complementary services – towing, driving at place
  • Sorting and filtering of orders by the state of implementation (pending, done, closed).
  • Sorting and filtering of orders by vehicles, mechanics and teams of mechanics, positions and types of operations.
  • Records of labor, used parts and materials for vehicles, divisions, teams of mechanics and technicians.
  • Records of mechanics working time divided on different types of performed work, work realized in regard to repair orders and other activities,
  • Possibility of transferring data concerned on crew working time to other software including HR & Financial Programs, as well as operating costs.
  • Registration of vehicles with a list of ongoing maintenance, technical services, repaired failures and used parts and materials.
  • Reporting to the Board on the implementation of orders, labor costs, mechanics working time, parts and materials used in different sections.
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