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Modern planning module

OptiGraph is a module designed for full automatic creating of long time schedules for employees, vehicles and technical equipment. The module is based on mathematic algorithms and artificial intelligence.

OptiGraph - planning in three alternating sections (driver, duty, vehicle)

OptiGraph module is able to estimate staff and equipment needs to perform all tasks with minimum costs in any accounting period. The module automatically creates schedule according to current law concerned on employees working time, individual limitations and preferences of company.

Basic functionality:

  • Possibility to  work on several stations at the same time,
  • Wide variety of planning – creating a number of alternative work schedules for  various operating parameters, which can be stored,
  • Create a schedule for any period of time,
  • Provides continuity of schedule according its conditions resulting from previous periods, the ability to configure preview of previous and following periods of time,
  • Choosing plans for approval and announcement for service staff,
  • Printouts of plan, collective and individual schedules for operators according to companies patterns,
  • Automatically create a copy of schedule approved as a plan for the planner to make changes during its realization I accounting period of time,
  • Continuous automatic control of schedule compliance with the law and identifying errors and inconsistencies,
  • Configuration of controlled parameters (on and off),
  • Preview of plan and the ability to work in three views: service, equipment and crews,
  • Preview of implementation (implementation plan),
  • Preview of approved plan with an indication made in relation to its changes, printout of a plan for employees after making changes,
  • Displaying advices and proposals of system during manual adjustment of schedule (searching employees for vacant staff services and searching duties for employees without assigned tasks),
  • Automatic balancing of time parameters for use during making changes in accounting period of time,
  • Automatic balancing of tasks for each day when making changes,
  • Possibility of choosing references for comparison during the process of creating new plan,
  • Managing holidays and other absences of staff taking into account current absences included in work schedules,
  • Including  in the schedule of the required number of days off according to a calendar, the eligibility of each day off depending on the cause (cause of assigning day off – Sunday, Saturday, holiday),
  • Designing arbitrary patterns of change, holidays and the consequences of duties,
  • Designing many variants of patterns (diagrams),
  • Configuration of balance view, schedule view, view scaling, configuration of data type displayed in fields of plan,
  • Ability to open and configure additional windows, such as a unassigned duties list, reserve employees, available vehicles and equipment, etc.,
  • Possibility of automatic filling of vehicles and equipment to schedule,
  • Configuration of vehicle and machines assign mode and control of assignment correctness,
  • Automatic correction – balancing the number of days off,
  • Automatic correction – balancing working time standards,
  • Ability to edit the design (daily) duties based on patterns of duties included in  schedule,
  • Ability to edit services and activities by the planner,
  • Possibility of grouping, sorting and filtering of workers, organizing and ordering theirs list,
  • Possibility of grouping, sorting and filtering of vehicles and equipment, organizing and ordering theirs list,
  • Graphical overview of creating duties in the plan,
  • Possibility of automatic creating schedules using tools of assignment optimization,
  • Configuration of access to functionality for users.


OptiGraph – Optimization

Optimization module cooperates with Optigraph module. It is based on mathematical algorithms which allows fully automatic scheduling according to predefined parameters.

The objective optimization includes following costs:

  • Unassigned duty,
  • lack of performing norm by duty,
  • transgressions of legislation – rest, overtime, etc.
  • … other specific customer requirements.

User can operate on a number of parameters which value is adjusted according to the requirements of the company. Additional system of adjustable preferences between schedule components and possibility of creating scenarios for selected groups of these components enables smart and intelligent creation of optimal schedules without human intervention, based only on parameters stored in data base.

Basic functionality:

  • Entering required parameters of cost function,
  • Parameterization of  preferences,
  • Parameterization of  functions for groups of duties and drivers,
  • Creating optimal scenarios for the entire enterprise and for selected groups,
  • Possibility of creating multiple versions of optimized plan with different parameters to compare with assignments,
  • Possibility to optimize the entire schedule or just its parts.
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