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Dispatcher graphical panel

Full Graphic, Multi-user panel with automatic generation of dispatching waybills (road card, work card). It is equipped with a module providing optimal disposal and a number of dispatcher tools such as dispatching duty substitutions, failures, operational occurrences, quick waybills editing. Cooperates with the onboard vehicle computers (GPS), communication with the vehicle (GPRS) and a vehicle service station.

Basic functionality:

  • Automatic control of drivers coming to work
  • Possibility of choosing date or period of dispatcher work,
  • Multi-client work – possibility to work simultaneously on several dispatcher stations,
  • Filters: tasks, brigades, shifts, drivers, vehicles – the choice of the work scope, the ability to share work between dispatchers,
  • Edition of column (hiding, pivot, sorting)
  • Configuration of view of conflicts and events, time of notifications, size and type of fonts (row height)
  • Downloading of plan for the selected day / period from periodic planning,
  • Possibility of changing driver for scheduled duties in the event of sickness, holidays, other random events and recording of those changes,
  • Current information from service workshop about vehicle or machine efficiency
  • Possibility of changing vehicle or machine for scheduled duties in the event of failure or unavailability and recording of those changes
  • Automatic signalization of shift absence for the duty scheduled to leave in a defined time interval,
  • Providing advices to dispatcher in case of necessity of replacing missing driver – displaying  a list of reserve drivers,
  • Optimal advices for dispatcher in case of necessary changes – the list of employees, vehicles, machines and duties sorted by optimization criteria introduced during the interim planning,
  • Recording current employees absence and delays,
  • Storing records of use of reserves and roster of employees,
  • Storing records of current drivers and buses in use,
  • Possibility of viewing data on employee work history and schedule on consecutive days in defined period of time,
  • Automatic and manual  assignment of specific vehicles for scheduled tasks according to the parameter
  • Storing records of vehicles passages to / from the depot along with their automatic identification,
  • Definition and implementation of out of plan courses and duties, and the ability to conduct records of additional tasks performed by principal indications,
  • Storing records of downtime of vehicles and drivers’ rest breaks,
  • Storing record of vehicles and employees changes and adding a description specifying the reasons for those changes,
  • Printing documents for vehicles and employees, such as: waybills and other designs used by the company,
  • Printing waybills: singular, all selected for the driver after logging,
  • Possibility of printing waybills with the barcode for the automatic identification in the editing system,
  • Possibility of current preview of additional windows (configurable):
    • Vehicles\machines (sorting, searching, editing efficiency, working, view of schedule, downtime, edition of downtime),
    • Employees (sorting, searching, editing work, holidays, absences, view of schedule, contact information, events)
    • Standby –  standby with and without the car (time filter, sort, edit, reserve),
    • Window with duty details – all data about the duty: name, time, assignments, possible transgressions and errors in compare to the list,
    • Events window – daily dispatch, event registration with the possibility to edit the description and to respond to events window,
  • Automatic registration of defined events during dispatcher work,
  • Automatic information about errors (exceedances) when making changes,
  • Ability to split the duty and re-allocation its parts,
  • Current registration of real drivers working time through the introduction of real data after returning to the depot,
  • Transfer of data to other programs,
  • Ability to work with external systems – GPS, onboard computers,
  • Possibility of defining temperature conditions, introducing of external temperature measurement

Technical readiness

The module provides dispatchers current information about the condition and availability of vehicles and equipment, associated with a service station.


Basic functionality:

  • Editing data concerned on efficiency of vehicles and machines on a bench located in the customer service department.
  • Approval of vehicle efficiency on a common list by a responsible employee.
  • Forecast for dispatching about number of efficient vehicles by groups in selected hours.
  • Functionality associated with daily disposal module.
  • Edition window of vehicles’ efficiency provided to workshop.
  • Real-time information from workshop to dispatchers about available and disabled vehicles.
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