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Waybills system is a set of applications used for parametric, multi- stand verification of drivers waybills, vehicles and machines, equipment operators and accounting od duties working time, mileage and usage of supplies and accounting of internal and external orders realization.

The module can be divided into several functional blocks fit to the accounting procedures of company activity:

  • Verification of waybills
  • Accounting of working time (time sheets)
  • Accounting of fuel
  • Statistics – accounting of vehicles and equipment usage with customers
  • Invoices – the program issues invoices based on data from verified orders
  • Reports – analytical statement for Board of Directors.

 Waybills • verification

  • Multi-step verification – counters, mileage, times,
  • Highlighting and editing accounting components of time and runs
  • Verification of orders realization,
  • Editing data about events,
  • Editing data about technical materials
  • Editing data about vehicles and machines failures and its primary qualification,
  • Edition of reserves
  • Control of correctness of verified data (configuration of tested conflicts),
  • Canceling cards and possibility of creating new one,
  • Edition of duties, activities, orders,
  • Adding text comments,
  • Verification of  counters continuity,
  • Work with and without  vehicle
  • Preview of digital data form vehicle recording equipment (GPS, on-board computers, tachographs – an option  in case of providing data by devices supplier)
  • The ability to automatically verify the transport realization  by data from vehicle devices
  • Approval of vehicle efficiency.

Waybills – Work Time Accounting

  • Arbitrarily defined working time sheet, taking into account the schedule of employee, data from waybills, data about starting and finishing work, reserves, absences from different modules, calendar
  • Downloading work plan for accounting
  • Editing time sheets separately for groups of cost,
  • Accounting of drivers’ working times in accordance with applicable laws and internal regulations of the client, taking into account any defined time accounting components
  • Possibility of multiple conversion of work sheet
  • Work sheet verification according to selected criteria – automatic search of  incorrect data regarding daily or monthly values, quickly searching of errors and their re-verification,
  • Possibility of calculating bonuses,
  • Export of data to the payroll system –  daily data, monthly sums, scheduling, absences and calendar
  • Possibility of manual editing and correcting data in the worksheet.
  • Preview and edition of source data from the worksheet.
  • Data validation which cause blocking recalculation of source data
  • Print-outs of configurable bulk sheets individual employees worksheets
  • Reports for Board of Directors.

Accounting of Fuels and Technical Materials

Sub-module designed for accounting of fuel and technical materials in any sections (vehicle, driver, department, order, waybill, etc.) based on verified data from realized transport and carriage and data concerned on vehicles  refueling.

  • Automatic import of refueling from automatic refueling of petrol stations and electronic invoices,
  • Defining fuel standards for vehicles and machinery, groups of machines and vehicles, orders and for selected periods of time,
  • Ability to change fuel consumption settings,
  • Accounting  of work according to mileage, hours and milage/hours
  • Multi-tang and multi-fuel accounting
  • Accounting of heating, air conditioning, towing and other components.
  • Edition accounting of  billing algorithm components.
  • Edition of fuel usage algorithm
  • Premium savings calculations regarding to accounting of pre-defined parameters.
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