Transit network Design and Schedule Software

Design transit network and timetables

Well organised municipal transport is base in resident friendly city. Also important element municipalities work evaluation.

Quality of residents life improving and higher tourist rating

Taking care for the environment and the health of the people – reducing pollution

Taking care of public finances – real savings, allocating funds for other purposes

Increased prestige of the agglomeration and higher ratings (PR) of municipalities

Wide range of application

cityLineDesigner is complex, IT system made to construct timetables that allows efficient communication and comfortable vehicle change system for passengers. Line designer takes into account:

  • different types of transport type/vehicles
  • many transport operators.

Work ergonomics

Work on many monitors and workstations

Fully personalized work areas and predefined settings templates

Intuitive menu and advanced search filters

Designing a transit network has never been so easy

cityLineDesigner is a tool made to map existing transit network topology also plan and project its variant taking into account geographic conditions.